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October 6, 2015

11-year-old Girl Writes an Essay on Hospice Care

Several Alabamians do not understand hospice and the care it provides. Below, is a beautifully written essay that explains hospice in a way everyone can understand.

The essay is written by Comfort Care Hospice of Andalusia’s Administrative Assistant Judy Ramsey’s 11-year-0ld granddaughter, Summer Brown.

Judy has worked in hospice care for 15 years, as long as her grandchildren can remember. Judy attends every event Comfort Care Hospice of Andalusia participates in.

It should come to no surprise that her 11-year-old granddaughter, Summer, has also come to love hospice care. Summer, who is pictured above, tags along with her grandmother to as many Comfort Care events that she can.

“My granddaughter thinks she works for Comfort Care Hospice,” Judy said.

Summer’s love for hospice care blossomed from watching and listening to her grandmother. Comfort Care Hospice inspired Summer to write this essay for one of her classes at Straughn Middle School:

Hospice is important because the care you get is like being in the hospital except your at home. Hospice helps patients that are sick and even have deadly diseases.

Our nurses are going to help you in any way they can. Nurses help you get better and make you comfortable. Nurses give you baths and give you medicine to help you feel clean and make you feel better.

We also have chaplains. They will go to your house and pray with you and also talk to you about Jesus! They talk to you about Jesus because they want you to be saved so you can go to heaven.

Hospice is good because you get to be with your family instead of going to the hospital to get treatment. The nurses will get you treatment at your home.

Comfort Care is guaranteed to take care of you!!