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Our mission is simple: serve patients and their families with excellent care, generous support, and compassionate attention. We help patients live each day to the fullest. We deeply believe that one’s last days should be as meaningful as the rest– a special time that is shared with loved ones, intimate friends, and committed caregivers.

Our team of healthcare professionals are close to you every step of the way. Providing excellent patient care is more than a passion, it is our way of being. We offer supportive, holistic care that centers around individualized treatment plans. We honor the dignity of each patient and the right for them to be in control of their healthcare decisions whenever possible. We diligently manage symptoms and pain.


We are advocates for living well. All the way to the very end.

when a cure is no longer possible

The Benefits of Hospice

Comfort Care Hospice provides advanced palliative care. Our team is fully equipped to care for terminally-ill patients along the last stages of their journey. Although, we cannot change the outcome of our patients’ conditions, we can relentlessly manage their pain and symptoms, minimizing the effects of disease and bringing relief when possible.


Who We Are

Our comprehensive team includes a diverse group of care providers who are equipped to handle a wide variety of patient cases.


  • Attending Physician – the physician identified by the patient or family as having primary responsibility for the patient’s medical care
  • Hospice Medical Director – assumes overall responsibility for the medical component of the hospice program. The physician monitors the progression of the patient’s illness, prescribes medications and treatments and coordinates care with the team members to meet the patient and family needs
  • RN Case Manager– provides care coordination in addition to providing direct care to patients. Hospice nurses are skilled in assessing and managing pain and symptoms. The nurse provides comfort and support to the patient and family as well as training on how to care for the patient. They are responsible for ensuring patients receive the needed medications, medical equipment and supplies

  • Certified Hospice Aide – provides personal care services to the patient, such as bathing, dressing or linen changes under the supervision of a registered nurse

  • Social Worker – offers psychosocial support and assists with a multitude of areas, such as navigating through the healthcare system, legal and financial issues, insurance matters, funeral planning, facility placement, mediation of family dynamics, coordination of additional community support and resources. The social worker provides education and guidance to help patients and families in end-of-life matters  

  • Chaplain – Hospice chaplains are available to address the spiritual issues that often arise as a patient nears death. The hospice chaplain is there for the patient and the family, honoring and supporting the cultural traditions and values they hold dear, regardless of their beliefs or religious preferences.  If requested, they work with local clergy to meet needs and assist with planning or performing memorial services or funerals

  • Volunteer -Hospice volunteers are specially trained in hospice and end-of-life issues to provide compassionate companionship for patients and families

  • Bereavement Coordinator– offers grief support to the family members / caregivers  up to 13 months after the death. They may provide pre- bereavement support prior to a patient’s death if necessary