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June 21, 2016

Pelham: Comfort Care Nurses Receive Certificates from UAB School Of Nursing

Comfort Care Hospice of Pelham Administrator, Deborah Cowfer, RN, was honored to receive certificates for her nursing staff from UAB School Of Nursing.

Comfort Care’s nurses were recognized for serving as mentors for UAB students in NUR 427l Concepts of Complex Nursing Practicum. During this mentorship, Comfort Care’s nursing staff taught UAB students the importance of palliative, hospice and interdisciplinary care. Students were able to gain appreciation for the principles and ethical challenges of end of life care.
UAB stated that Deborah and her staff “provided exemplary clinical experiences for our students, as well as serving as excellent professional nursing role models… they demonstrated an increased confidence in caring for clients and their families at the end of life.”
Congratulations, Comfort Care Hospice of Pelham!
Pictured Left to Right: Angel Emanual, Alison Sabers, Vicky Anderson, Ruth Mangone and Bonnie Bracey
Not Pictured: Carolyn Clark, Anna Brand, Sierra Nance, Lindsey Gillespie, Shay Kretzschmar, Suzanne Kilpatrick