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August 3, 2018

Premier Performers

August 2, 2018

To: Staff, Volunteers and Friends of Comfort Care Hospice

We are gathered here tonight to celebrate national recognition of Comfort Care Hospice of Andalusia as “Premier Performers” in patient satisfaction. This is based on surveys returned by families and caregivers of patients we served during 2017. These surveys were returned to Strategic Health Partners for data collection as required by CMS/Medicare. Each of you in your own way has contributed to this achievement.

The work of hospice is not for the faint of heart.

It takes courage and bravery to “be” with the dying. You open and share your heart knowing you will likely feel the sting of grief. Some have left sick children and family members at home in order to care for patients at all hours of the day and night. Some of you have traveled many miles over the last year during the hot and humid “dog days” of the south Alabama summer and over freezing roads during ice storms to deliver words of encouragement and hope to weary family and caregivers.

Many of you have voluntarily given of your time and talent to bring joy, peace, comfort and assistance to others. And, those on the front lines would be unable to do their work quickly and efficiently if not for the support staff. Some of you are in management and executive leadership positions. You set the tone. You lead the way.

The token you have received is small but the “Thank You” is HUGE! We thank God for you! We pray God’s richest blessings upon you and your family. May He lead, guide, direct, protect, refresh, revive and sustain you as only He can do! YOU are Amazing! THIS TEAM is Amazing! Congratulations Comfort Care Hospice of Andalusia. YOU are “PREMIER PERFORMERS!”


Mitzi Butler, LICSW
Administrator, CCH- Andalusia