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At Comfort Care, we help patients live each day to the fullest. We deeply believe that one’s last days should be as meaningful as the rest– a special time that is shared with loved ones, intimate friends, and committed caregivers.

“We may not be able to change the outcome, but we can change the journey.” -Lisa Teel, Chief Operating Officer

Our caregivers are close to you every step of the way. Providing excellent patient care is more than a passion, it is our way of being. We offer supportive, holistic care that centers around individualized treatment plans. We honor the dignity of each patient and the right for them to be in control of their healthcare decisions whenever possible. We diligently manage symptoms and pain.

Hospice is especially significant for patients who want to focus on quality of life. While patients admitted to hospice typically have a life expectancy of six months or less, studies show that patients in hospice experience a higher quality of life with less pain than those who decline hospice. At Comfort Care, we help you make the most of every moment.

We are advocates for living well. All the way to the very end.

Our mission is simple: serve patients and their families with excellent care, generous support, and compassionate attention.
Our Values
  1. Excellent patient care
  2. Patients come first
  3. We treat employees like family
Our comprehensive team includes a diverse group of care providers who are equipped to handle a wide variety of patient cases.
  • Attending physician – coordinates care
  • Medical director – provides oversight and expertise with after-hours availability
  • Patient care coordinator – manages the team
  • RN case manager – directly cares for the patient and offers family support
  • On-Call supporters – provides 24/7 on-call coverage
  • Hospice aide – assists with bathing, dressing, and other everyday activities
  • Social Worker – gives emotional support and provides financial guidance
  • Chaplain – provides spiritual support to patient and family
  • Volunteer Coordinator – trains volunteers and makes arrangements for requested visits
  • Volunteers – offer non-medical care
  • Bereavement Coordinator – ministers to families through grief counseling